We work to improve the effectiveness of our criminal justice system.

      The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) helps to identify, plan and coordinate solutions to issues facing the Baltimore City criminal justice system.  In doing so, the Council fosters the participation of all stakeholders of the system while assisting the Judiciary and the member agencies in the planning and delivery of quality services. 

       Membership includes representation from the: Mayor’s Office, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, City Council, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Division of Pretrial Detention and Services, Division of Parole and Probation, Office of the State’s Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, Baltimore City Police Department, U.S. Attorney's Office, Baltimore City Health Department, Offices of the Clerk of the Circuit and District Courts for Baltimore City, Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, Private Defense Bar, Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Juvenile Services, and the Governor’s Office.  The Council meetings are open to the public and are also regularly attended by members of the Legislature and their staff as well as private and public agencies and groups interested in the criminal justice system.

       The mission of the Council is to work cooperatively to enhance public safety and reduce crime in Baltimore City, to advance the fair and timely disposition of cases, and to ensure justice for those accused of crimes and the victims of crimes.    The Council facilitates the evaluation, coordination and implementation effective practices and procedures, addressing all components of the criminal justice system and how it affects public safety. Key initiatives include:

  • Identifying systemic needs
  • Addressing public policy questions
  • Facilitating inter-agency decision making
  • Enabling the sharing of timely and accurate information
  • Developing new and effective systemic strategies