Due to lack of funding, the activities of the Baltimore City Criminal Justice Coordinating Council have been suspended. All features on this website have been disabled until further notice. Options for resumption of the activities of the Council are being explored.

The following link will redirect you to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City’s Website www.baltimorecitycourt.org.

Judge Charles J. Peters
The nature of organized society dictates the maintenance in every field of action of the highest and purest standards of justice. It must include sympathy and helpfulness in order to promote the welfare, happiness and contentment of others and of the community as a whole.

Working to enhance public safety and reduce crime.

       Our members and agencies work cooperatively to enhance public safety, reduce crime and to advance the fair and timely disposition of criminal cases.  We help secure justice for both the victims of crime and the accused - addressing a full spectrum of issues that affect public safety and the administration of criminal justice.  We also assist law enforcement and related agencies in the fight against crime, and help the public understand how the criminal justice system and the law enforcement community function to protect their community.