The nature of organized society dictates the maintenance in every field of action of the highest and purest standards of justice. It must include sympathy and helpfulness in order to promote the welfare, happiness and contentment of others and of the community as a whole.


Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee (DVCC)

The DVCC serves as the CJCC workgroup for domestic violence matters in Baltimore City. The three goals of the DVCC are: 1) to improve the criminal justice system’s response to the crime of domestic violence; 2) to improve direct and support services to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence; and 3) to increase community awareness about domestic violence and to educate adults and children about alternatives to violence.

The DVCC oversees the implementation of the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) recommendations through meetings and communications with stakeholders and other partners.  The DVCC has successfully implemented a number of the DVFRT recommendations and continues to make progress monthly.

The DVFRT was formed in January 2006 by the Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee.  The mission of the team is to reduce domestic violence related fatalities through systemic multi-disciplinary review of domestic violence fatalities and near fatalities in Baltimore City, through inter-disciplinary training and community based prevention education, and through data driven recommendations for public policy. The DVFRT formulates strategies and recommendations to prevent domestic violence related deaths by promoting cooperation and coordination among agencies involved in domestic violence related deaths.